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Eye Information 

We often take our eyes for granted, we only search for eye related information when our sight becomes impaired. Some eye conditions have various different abbreviations and are often difficult to pronounce. We are building an online portal where you can visit to learn more about different eye conditions.


Anti-Reflection Coating Astigmatism Bifocals
Blephaclean Wipes Blephagel Blink Contacts
Blink Intensive Blink Intensive Plus Cataracts
Children’s Eye Clinic Colour Vision Defects Eye Logic
Gel Tears Glaucoma Hyabak
Hypermetropia Lazy Eye (amblyopia) MGD RX Eye Bag
Myopia Nikon Optical Lenses Occupational Lenses
Optifree Moist Optifree Replenish Pingueculae
Prism Pterygia Reading Glasses
Squint Systane The Eye Doctor
Thealoz UV and the Eye Varifocals

If the information you require is not here then please contact us on 01245 461 843 or We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your eye healthcare.