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Looking after your glasses

Glasses & Lens Care

Your spectacle should be cleaned and serviced regulary to ensure clear vision and comfortable wear. It’s important to us that you are always getting the best out of your glasses so feel free to pop into Chelmer Village Opticians at any time and we’ll happily check their fit, adjusting them if necessary. We’ll even give them a thorough clean and polish! This is always provided free of charge for our patients.

Cleaning Your Glasses

  • Use a soft micro-fibre cloth to clean the lenses.
  •  Use only the correct cleaning solution for your lens, if you are unsure what type to use most non-alcoholic cleaners will surfice.
  •  Gently, rub the lenses in a circular motion to wipe the cleaning solution across the surface of the lens.
  • Avoid using tissues or paper towels to clean the lenses. The fibers will be left on the lenses and can scratch the lenses.
  • Never use any polishes on your lenses, they can scratch them.

General Care

  •  Take care not to leave your spectacles near strong heat.
  • Always store in your spectacle case when not in use.
  • Never leave them face down on a surface.
  •  Do not sleep with your glasses on, this can bend and deform the frame

If you have scratches on your lenses or have broken a part on your glasses then please give us a call to see how we can help. 01245 461 843. You can of course email us a photography of the scractched lenses or broken glasses frame to