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Corporate Eyecare

Chelmer Village Opticians are able to supply eyewear for business and work. Different lenses for specific tasks such as office work, IT, art/graphic design can be provided, and we can choose the best lenses for you to improve your performance and comfort at work.

We have many frames that will be suitable for you and your workplace. Some frames are so light that you will forget that you are even wearing them. We would always advise you to have an anti-reflection & scratch resistant coating applied to your prescription lenses. This helps to maintain the transparency in artifical lighting, reduces the glare from electronic devices and helps to prevent scratches.

We have put together a package together for local businesses and their employees to ensure that employee health is always put 1st. Good eye health = good work performance.

Please contact us on 01245 461 843 or send us an email to to set up an Corporate Eyecare account with us.

If your company already has an Corporate Eyecare scheme in place, please contact us as we would be more than happy to discuss a more competitive and comprehensive service.

If your employees use a computer screen (VDU) then you, the employer must provide sight tests and provide your employees with the necessary eyewear/glasses for work.

We also accept nearly all eyecare voucher schemes, including:

  • Accor eyecare vouchers
  • Bushnell (Bolle)
  • Parmelee Safety
  • ICE (Duncan & Todd)
  • FORD

If you think your company might be interested in our corporate deals, then please contact us for details. Registration is easy and free.