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Prescription Lenses

There are so many optical prescription lenses available from different manufactures, it can be confusing to identify who is the best and why. At Chelmer Village Opticians in Chelmsford, we will help you make the best choice for you and your requirements. Any lens will give you vision to see, however it does depend on the design of that particular lens, the coatings and the quality. We are able to provide lenses from many manufactures however we use Kodak & Zeiss lenses as our main suppliers.

Please click on the logos or click on the links below to find out further information.

Kodak Optical Prescription Lenses varifocals single vision distance reading work Nikon Optical Prescription lenses for varifocals , thinner lenses, glasses lenses, work ,distance, driving, seecoat plus, seemax, seestyle Carl Zeiss Prescription Lenses Driving, Glass, Plastic, work, reading Essilor Prescription Optical Lenses Hoya Prescription Optical Lenses Boots reading and distance glasses spectacles near work

Kodak Prescription Lenses | Nikon Optical Prescription Lenses | Zeiss Optical Prescription Lenses | Essilor Optical Prescription Lenses |Rodenstock Prescription Lenses | Hoya Optical Prescription Lenses

Please click on the links below to find out more about your type of lenses or why you have them.

Single Vision Lenses – Reading, Distance or Driving Occupational Lenses for VDU Office Work Bifocal Lenses for Near Vision and Distance Trifocals for Distance , Intermediate (computering zone) and Near. Varifocal Lenses for Distance, Intermediate (computering zone) and Near

If you would like to speak to one of our dispensing staff about prescription lenses, then please give them a call on 01245 461 843 or send a quick email to