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Contact Lens Reward Scheme

Why I should Join

When you wear contact lenses, it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy and you always have the optimum lens for your eyes. As a Reward member, you will receive regular check-ups, as well as any interim appointments as necessary, without any additional costs.

Chelmer Village Opticians’ Reward Scheme allows you to make regular monthly payments including aftercare, lenses and solutions if necessary, as well as many other benefits including a 20% discount on spectacles.

By charging separately for our professional care and lenses, we are able to provide you with impartial advice about your vision needs, as well as the highest standard of clinical care, regardless of the contact lenses you require.


Your Reward Benefits

  • Low Cost Contact Lenses & Free Contact Lens Solutions.
  • Full Eye Examination & Eye Health Check including Optical Coherence Tomography as recommended by your Optometrist.
  • Comprehensive Contact Lens Checks.
  • Automatic supply of Contact Lenses – no need to call to re-order. Option of free Home Delivery or Delivery to your Place of Work!
  • Up to 25 % Discount on ALL Complete Pairs of Spectacles.
  • Up to 25% Discount on ALL Designer Sunglasses excluding promotional products.
  • Free Replacements of Damaged Disposable Contact Lenses.
  • Free trial on all NEW Lenses.

 All for one manageable monthly direct debit which we can set up for you in practice or in writing.  

We control the direct debit payments via ours and your bank, if your requirements or contact lenses change, we can easily alter the monthly payments.

If you wish to discuss our contact lens reward scheme any further then please contact us on                      01245 461 843 and we will be more than happy to help.

Chelmsford Opticians Contact Lens Home Delivery