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Digital Retinal Photography

During the course of your routine eye examination, particular attention is paid to the back of your eye (the retina). Notes will be made about its appearance so that, during future examinations, notes will be compared to try and establish if there has been any change.

Retinal photography enables us to capture images of your retina. The benefits of this are that pictures of the retina allow easier comparison at future appointments. Subtle changes are more recognisable through having an image to hand.

We can zoom in on areas we would like to look closer at, and filter colours to enable better contrast and take measurements between reference points of the retina. Early diagnosis and progression of existing conditions can be more accurately monitored.

Retinal photography is completely painless and only takes a few minutes to perform, patients of all ages are suitable and it’s especially recommended to those that have specific medical problems or a family history of ocular diseases, occasionally, we need to use eye drops which cause the pupils to dilate to improve the quality of the images we get.

In the past, this sort of procedure was only available in hospitals, now we are happy that we can offer it to all of our patients.

There is usually a charge of £12.50 for digital retinal photography, unless you are on one of our membership plans and paying by direct debit.